Whether your interests lie on stage, back stage, or in the studio, Lehigh offers rich and vibrant venues to explore your creative interests.

Discover the Arts

Lehigh University offers an exciting arts culture that contributes to the academic and social vitality of campus life. We offer programs and opportunities through academic departments and campus-wide organizations. Students work collaboratively with accomplished faculty, scholars and creative artists, and graduate with the knowledge and experience that prepares them to enter prominent graduate arts programs and industry professions. Student clubs, literary publications and events engage students across all disciplines in the arts throughout their entire academic career.


The Department of Art, Architecture & Design provides a curriculum that emphasizes the development of visual design skills across majors. All students receive a common foundation of design that is enhanced by a one-on-one relationship with faculty who are internationally and nationally known for their creative and scholarly works.

Students can select from four majors: Art, Architecture, Design or Art History and receive instruction in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video, graphic communications, product design, art history, museum studies, architectural design and architectural history and technology. Students have access to a variety of studio spaces and benefit from campus resources including the university’s permanent art collection and archives as well as numerous on-campus galleries and Zoellner Arts Center.

Nicholas Sawicki, Associate Professor of Art History and Chair
Phone: (610) 758-3718

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Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Program recognizes the importance of creative writing in developing powers of expression, empathy, and critical reading and thinking.

The program is centered around an innovative, craft-based approach that combines workshops, lectures, seminars, literary study and experiential learning. Classes in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and playwriting are open to all students.

The minor and concentration in creative writing offer preparation for graduate work.

Bob Watts, Associate Professor and Director
(610) 758-5734

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The Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG) supports creativity, critical thinking, and cultural understanding through dynamic and timely exhibitions and programs.  With a collection of over 15,000 works of art from diverse time periods and cultures, six gallery spaces across three campuses, and an impressive outdoor sculpture collection of over 50 works, the LUAG integrates art into all disciplines and aspects of life at Lehigh.  The LUAG also operates two Art Study Centers:  the Ralph J. Wilson Open Storage Center at Building J, and the LUAG Art Study Center at Building C.  Both of these Centers allow students and faculty to closely examine original works of art as primary research resources with the guidance and support of LUAG professionals.



The Music Department offers students of all backgrounds different ways to explore research, composition and performance in classical, contemporary, jazz, and traditional and popular music from all over the world. Student musicians can integrate and develop their musicianship skills to the highest level. Our diverse course offerings will encourage students’ critical thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration that will benefit any future endeavors.

Our notable faculty, staff and instructors are all active practitioners in the field of music.  Students can participate in numerous ensembles, take private music lessons, enjoy access to department resources including our composition lab, recording studio, and on-site music library, and the privilege to perform in our beautiful concert venue, well-known in the area for its superior acoustics. Our exciting offerings and facilities enable students to collaborate and study across the disciplines of Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences, as well as across Lehigh’s overall curriculum. 

Tong Soon Lee, Professor and Chair

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Lehigh’s Department of Theatre provides a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice, literature and history of the theatre, preparing students to gain acceptance to reputable graduate programs or entry-level professional employment. Skills in collaborative problem solving and creative leadership that are part of the theatre curriculum are directly applicable to many other majors. Because some theatre majors will earn their living in areas outside of theatre after college, Lehigh’s theatre major is constructed so as to allow students to add a second major.  Minor programs in theatre satisfy the interests of students in curricula too rigid to allow a second major in theatre.

The Department of Theatre is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre and encourages a well-rounded foundation in theatre studies in the context of a liberal arts education. Students may concentrate in directing/acting, design/technical production, playwriting, or theatre history/literature. In addition to a comprehensive academic program, the department mounts a full season of productions annually. Through these programs, Lehigh's Department of Theatre provides a comprehensive academic and production experience suitable to the needs of majors, minors, university-wide theatre students, and in the case of the production program, the greater community.  

Kashi Johnson, Professor and Chair
(610) 758-3636

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Zoellner Arts Center is home to the depart­ments of music and theatre and the Lehigh University Art Galleries. The Center houses a two-story art gallery and three world-class theatres that present, produces and host over 180 events a year. Zoellner’s Guest Artists Series brings both world-renowned and emerging performers to campus, such as Yo-Yo Ma, Tony Bennett, David Byrne, Queen Latifah, Marc Bamuti Joseph, Pilobolus, John Lithgow, the New York Philharmonic, Kristen Chenowith, as well as nationally touring Broadway shows, cirque acts, music, dance and theater companies. The series serves the university by giving students access to a wide array of multicultural, multidisciplinary professional artists; providing work-study, professional employment, and leadership experience in production, marketing, box office and administrative departments, and through free master classes and workshops with visiting artists. 

The center is also home to Notations; a collaborative speaker series of writers, authors, poets and other artists curated by Creative Writing and the Guest Artist Series alongside many campus partners.  Recent noteable artists on the series have included Peggy Orenstein, Art Spiegelman, Bathsheba Monk, Edward Jones, and Billy Collins.

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